Free Book Fund

Free Book Fund

What an opportunity God has given us to impact the lives of others! So, in line with our ministry-first emphasis, SfMe Ministries is trying a new experiment for 2015—the Free Book Fund. The Free Book Fund will be used to donate books to the following:

  • Prison ministries
  • Recovery ministries
  • College ministries
  • Various places where Bob Santos speaks

How It Works

It’s very difficult to produce and distribute books without commercializing the process. There are always bills to be paid and organizational needs to be met. The Free Book Fund provides an opportunity for us to advance God’s purposes in a non-commercial manner.

Through our interaction with various ministries, we recognize opportunities to sow high quality resources where we believe they will make a significant impact. There are situations, such as prison outreaches, when this is best done at no cost to the recipients.

Also, when Bob Santos (the author of our books) speaks, in order to avoid any potential stumbling blocks to the gospel, he prefers to focus on ministry and not books sales.

As the resources are available, each family represented at an event when Bob speaks will be given a “gift card” to be redeemed on site for a complimentary copy of one of our books. The use of gift cards will help to ensure that books will be given only to those who desire to utilize them. (Gift cards cannot be redeemed through the mail due to postage and handling costs.)

When appropriate, those who receive free books at Bob’s speaking events will be given the opportunity to sow back into the fund if they so choose. However, there are absolutely no requirements or expectations to do so.

How Can I Donate to the Free Book Fund?

Anyone can donate directly to the Free Book Fund via our donation page or by check. SfMe Ministries will withdraw from the fund $5.00 for each copy of Champions in the Wilderness and $6.00 for each copy of The Divine Progression of Grace or The Search for Me Study Guide we donate.

We want to be wise in implementing this plan with the hopes that it will be sustainable in the long term. The prices listed will enable us to cover our costs while those who donate increase the impact of their giving.

Can I Order Free Books?

Not at this time. We do not have the resources to give away material copies of our resources to everyone who asks. We do, however, make reasonable efforts to provide free access to most of our materials through online means. Champions in the Wilderness, for example, can be read on our website using the BookBuzzr utility.

Can I Get Free Books for My International Ministry?

Not at this time. We are a small organization and our hands are very full. We do not have the ability to evaluate international requests or the resources to cover all of the associated costs involved. We hope to eventually open up channels for international distribution, but now is not the time.

Can I Get Books at the Free Book Fund Cost?

On a case by case basis, we may at our discretion, provide books at the Free Book Fund cost to ministries that plan to distribute the books in accordance with our ministry-first purposes. If your ministry has an interest in ordering books for free distribution, please contact us. We will need adequate lead time to ensure that the books are available. Under no circumstances are these books to be resold. When appropriate, shipping costs and PA sales tax will apply.

Can Churches Get Free Book Fund Prices for Their Congregations?

Not at this time. We, however, are willing to provide bulk discounts to churches that would like to buy ten or more copies of any book.

Can We Purchase SfMe Media Books for Resale?

Yes, if your intent is expressed when the books are purchased from us. Our books can be purchased from us for resale in your bookstore at a standard 40% off of the retail price. SfMe Ministries will not charge you sales tax and you are required to follow the sales tax laws of your state.

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If you are interested in any of the above, or if you have further questions, please get in touch using our Contact Form.