Our Copyright Policies

We desire to maintain a “ministry first” approach when it comes to the issue of copyright. At the same time we realize the need to protect the integrity of our ministry efforts.

Bob’s Blog

Written Text: Copies of Bob’s blog may be printed or electronically transferred for non-commercial ministry purposes. Except for quotations, posting of the blog is not permitted on other websites, but you may provide a link to our blog site.

Images: Our ministry and blog logos, and any of our photos showing people’s faces may not be copied. Some of the photos we use have public licenses to allow use by others. In such cases the license will be clearly indicated.

In no instance may any of our materials be used for commercial purposes without express written permission from Search for Me Ministries, Inc.

SfMe Media Resources

Information regarding the copyright policies of our resources can be found in the copyright section of our SfMe Media web page.

We do our best to provide our teaching resources online at no cost. Those who desire more convenient or appealing formats will be charged a reasonable fee.