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Hope Diamond

The Problem with Grace

Grace is one of the things that makes Christianity unique from every other religion. It’s understandable then that the topic of grace creates problems. Admittedly, I prefer to steer clear of controversial issues, but the extreme importance of grace compels me to wade into the swirling waters of contention. One of the biggest mistakes people […]


Longing to Be a Progressive Christian

A “progressive” book publisher states that its focus is on, “progressive and mainline Christians who demand an open, inclusive, and culturally engaged exploration of faith . . .” I get what they’re trying to say, but have a very difficult time accepting the idea of what some are calling progressive Christianity. Some folks, it seems, are […]


Putting Grace in Context

I don’t think there is any one key that enables us to live out the Christian faith, but at the same time, I cannot find a biblical concept as important as grace. Grace separates Christianity from the pack of world religions. Grace puts me in awe. To think that as a sinful human, I can […]