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Trending into Confusion

Trending Into Confusion

I admit it; I am confused. “It’s okay,” we are told, “for Bruce Jenner to identify as a woman because “he” is really a she trapped in a man’s body.” How we handle the ramifications, I’m not exactly sure. If a group of teenage boys, for example, decide that they want to identify as female, […]

Caitlyn Jenner

Conviction or Compassion?

Internet buzz has been at frenzied heights with the recent Duggar molestation scandal and Bruce Jenner’s gender transition to Caitlyn. Not surprisingly, professing Christians are all over the issues with opinions trending from one extreme to the other. More often than not, conservatives encourage compassion and understanding for the Duggars, while hammering the self-professed Caitlyn […]

Abandoned Church

Can the Church Be Saved?

If what I read in the media is correct, the church in America should now be taking its final gasps of air. Christians have all become judgmental hypocrites, pastors are dropping like flies, young people are leaving in record numbers, and church after church is closing its doors. Perhaps, our best option would be to […]