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Christmas Joy

The Joy of Giving

Grace is so integral to the Christian faith that people can sometimes fail to realize that the general concept is not unique to Christianity. In ancient secular Greek writings, the word charis essentially meant “that which delights.”[1] In this sense, grace could mean “a gift given” or “a favor done,” as well as “a sense […]

Cheesecake for Dessert

Favor without a Hook

My wife and I took a cruise to Bermuda to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. I think it was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever taken. No responsibilities. Nothing to cook. No concern about what a meal would cost. To top it all off, we received tremendous favor from the cruise staff. It’s really nice […]


The Day I Went to Prison

Entering a prison can be a foreboding experience. High fences. Barbed wire. Imposing walls. I was somewhat relieved when we checked in with the guard and went across the street to the low security prison camp where the inmates were predominantly non-violent offenders. After sharing a short message (yes, it is possible for a preacher […]

Hope Diamond

The Problem with Grace

Grace is one of the things that makes Christianity unique from every other religion. It’s understandable then that the topic of grace creates problems. Admittedly, I prefer to steer clear of controversial issues, but the extreme importance of grace compels me to wade into the swirling waters of contention. One of the biggest mistakes people […]