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Christmas Coffee

The Christmas Blend Revival?

I can envision the scenario: Facing relentless pressure from some evangelical Christians, Starbucks decides to abandon its minimalist red cup Christmas design. Soon, happy little images of dancing snowflakes, smiling Santas, and ornamented trees revive the “true spirit” of Christmas. Employees and patrons are overwhelmed. One customer—upon receiving his Christmas Cookie Frappuccino (with an added […]


Why Didn’t Jesus Have a Victory Parade?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus never had a victory parade? Think about it. Throughout history, major victories have been celebrated with parades. Virtually every major sports championship is celebrated by a city victory parade.  Local officials estimated that some 800,000 people swarmed the 2.3-mile parade route  to celebrate the Kansas City Royals’ 2015 World […]

Military Tombstones

When “Free” Doesn’t Mean Free

Several years ago, some friends invited me to join them for the home opener of the newly crowned (again) Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Going through the front gate, we were each given a “free” Steelers poster to be decorated with stickers that could be purchased at local grocery stores. When I calculated the cost […]