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Cheaters Are Losers

Deflate-gate. For those who follow NFL football, the deflated football discovery in the Patriots/Colts game has created quite the stir. Eleven of the twelve Patriots’ footballs were below the acceptable air pressure—giving the Patriots certain advantages in the game—but no one has been able to pinpoint how they came to be that way. That’s the […]

Fruit Smoothie

The Ultimate Super Fruit

“The extract of this fruit has nutritional properties that far exceed all others. If you take it daily, your life will never be the same!” So go the claims on just about every natural supplement website. But would you be surprised to know that there really is an ultimate super fruit? I’ve spent the past […]


Is Mean the New Normal?

The video feed was anything but pleasant; scores of teenagers mercilessly pummeling each other. It happened recently as fights broke out among a thousand young people who had flooded a mall near Pittsburgh. Employees had to bar and lock storefronts in order to protect themselves and their customers. If you haven’t seen any of the […]