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Street Party Riot

Filling the Moral Vacuum?

To say that the Western world is in a state of moral decline would be an understatement. Just about anybody who has walked this earth for forty or fifty years will readily agree. It’s difficult to pinpoint any single cause to this precipitous slide, but the erosion of Christian influence is certainly a contributing factor. […]

The Temptation of ChristAry Scheffer, 1854

When Christian Isn’t Christian

Most people act like they aren’t home if they see them coming—those rather plain, but nicely dressed missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who work their way through residential neighborhoods trying to convert others to their beliefs. If, however, they happen to show up on a day when I have […]


Facing the Cold Reality of Death

Ideas, beliefs, and opinions. We all have them. In the college classroom, at the information table, and in the coffee shop, I’ve had plenty of discussions—most of which have centered in the realm of intellectual thought—about faith. Recently, however, I faced a most unwelcome experience—my father-in-law’s passing from this earth—that riveted me in reality. Ted […]