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Do Conservative Christians Champion Immorality?

“The Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the poor.” So goes the sum-total of political ideology handed down to me by my parents. Oversimplified, perhaps, but it made perfect sense for a family existence that was entirely dependent upon the United States government. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to make […]


Are Conservative Christians Warmongers?

Bullies are not nice people. “Snugene”—as some high school friends and I had not-so-fondly named him—was no exception. I knew Snugene in my pre-Christian days and had little concern for his family life or personal well-being. All I knew was that this bully, like all others, was always looking for opportunities to exploit weakness in […]


Conservative Does Not Always Equal Christian

Perhaps I am worthy of a good—if there is such a thing—stoning. Even questioning our conservative values seems somewhat blasphemous. The real problem, however, is that many conservatives—the very individuals who tenaciously adhere to the supremacy of Scripture—have allowed human voices to establish their worldviews. Talk show hosts and political action committees don’t always echo […]


The Amazing Thing that God Wants to Do In You

What is the most outlandish thing that you can imagine God doing in your life? How about taking your most problematic weakness and turning it into your greatest strength? Does the thought of it seem extreme? Perhaps, but the Creator of the Universe is never intimidated by the word “impossible”. The enduring beauty of David’s […]