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Soldier's Grave

A Time to Remember

Memories; they can be a powerful force in our lives. Some of our more painful experiences we would prefer to forget. Others we choose to hold dear. But regardless of how it feels, every so often it’s necessary to take some time out of our busy lives to reflect. When processed in a healthy way, […]


What Is Truth?

It was a scene for the ages. The beaten and bloody Jesus of Nazareth stood weakly before the notorious Pontius Pilate. Surprisingly, Jesus—the man about to be tortured to death—exuded confidence, while the Roman prefect of Judea found himself internally conflicted. Warned by his wife of her strange dream regarding the Nazarene’s innocence, Pilate tried […]

Adulterous Woman

Go and Sin Some More?

Imagine the scenario. The scribes and Pharisees drag a woman caught in adultery before Jesus, expecting Him to put His stamp of approval on their desire to stone her to death according to the Mosaic Law (John 8:1-11). Jesus then stoops down and writes on the ground. One by one the accusers all leave, and […]

Sermon on the Mount

What Makes Jesus Different?

Throughout the entire history of humankind—however long that has been—there has never been a person like Jesus Christ. Never. There is enough information about the uniqueness of Jesus to easily fill a book, but I’d like to highlight one particular aspect of His character that is often ignored. As recorded in John 3:13, Jesus said […]